The Big 5 Fair Dubai: Z-Parket now also winning over the Middle East

Though the Big 5 Fair in Dubai may not perhaps always sound so familiar to you, when it comes to building fairs in the Middle East it is the standout event. Every year the world's foremost and most innovative producers of building and interior items and techniques gather here with a view to also gaining a footing in lands such as Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and others. This is an expensive and daring enterprise, but if successful it is a genuine boost and extra confirmation of a stylish and luxurious appearance.

Partly for these reasons, Z-Parket decided to participate in the 2014 edition of the Big 5 Fair Dubai. Thanks to the international successes of our various collections and the many satisfied reactions of our customers, we are confirmed in our belief that our exhaustive striving for quality and our strong focus on service result in wooden interior elements that are able to take every interior to a higher level.

The interest that our products received from countless Middle Eastern regions such as among others Dubai, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey clearly shows that the Z-Parket values and qualities have evidently not gone unnoticed in that part of the world. Above all the Revigo - our 100-year old oak - was able to catch the eye and capture the hearts of many visitors to the fair. And of course we do not intend to hide the results of our participation in this fair from you. After all, it is with pride that we are able to announce to you that as of now Z-Parket will be distributed in the Middle East by the experienced WOODFLOORS team, which means that our floors, doors and other wooden interior elements will soon also adorn a great many stylish interiors in the Middle East. It goes without saying that we will regularly keep you informed of our adventures in this region.

Would you like to discover for yourself the collections that have brought about Z-Parket's conquest of the Middle East? Or would you also like to distribute Z-Parket products in your region? Then contact us now!

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Roel Geraerts

Born in 2004 from the dreams of its founder Roel Geraerts, Z-Parket today has become a story of success and strict values. Starting out as a 2 persons business, the company now employs over 20 people. Nevertheless the love of nature, beauty and sustainability remain the top priorities.