Customize your feeling

A high standard parquet flooring is something that will be part of a home interior for many years to come. For us at Z-Parket this means there must always be a match between the customer and the flooring of his or her choice. To achieve just this we like to offer our customers the possibility of creating the parquet flooring of their dreams, aided by our team of experts. That is what our “Customize you feeling” approach stands for.

Creating a floor with feeling

Someone who wants to install Z-flooring is presented with a wide variety of choices:

  • Coloring: All of our collections offer numerous possibilities when it comes to colors. Both the X and Z collections are created by applying multiple organic reactions, allowing for the color to be born in a natural way. The M collection is there to allow you to choose the more classical 2-layer surface treatment with pigmented coloring
  • Type: As a customer you not only get a say in deciding on the right length and broadth of the boards, but also regarding its thickness and composition.
  • Characteristics: By simply chosing rustic or 1bis you are helping to define your very own Z-flooring experience
  • Bevel: The degree to which the boards are merged also has an important impact on the final result. Straight, scraped, U or V bevel, you decide on the profile you prefer
  • To age or not to age: Depending on your own preferences, you have the choice whether or not to choose for aged parquet flooring

Whatever your choices are going to be, they will ultimately result in a parquet flooring that becomes one with your home interior.

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Roel Geraerts

Born in 2004 from the dreams of its founder Roel Geraerts, Z-Parket today has become a story of success and strict values. Starting out as a 2 persons business, the company now employs over 20 people. Nevertheless the love of nature, beauty and sustainability remain the top priorities.