Four new timeless colours

This spring Z- is launching four new and timeless colours, each with their own personality. As always Z- has named them after modern or ancient cities. Indeed, each floor also evokes the “personality” of the relevant metropolis. What is so special about these new colours is that, for the first time, the floors have been entirely finished. This means that no further treatment is required after the floor has been installed.

The first floor in the collection is the Baris. This floor is named after the powerful city that still lives on centuries later. This city now has a different name and lies in what is now called Turkey. As a city Baris has survived many events during its history. This remarkable resilience can also be found in the floor with the same name. Its residents are warm-hearted and proud people, creating a trustworthy and powerful foundation on which to live. The hot, dry summers and cold winters contributed to the strong mindset visible in past generations. The Baris floor gives your home a warm, authentic and grandiose look, comparable with this fine city.

Pharos was one of the oldest cities in Europe, located in what is now called Hvar (Croatia). Its mild winters and warm summers made it a pleasant place to live. Pharos was a place where there was always something new to discover … plenty of surprising views and impressions. The floor, just like the city, is full of surprises. It is a floor with lots of nuances, in which everyone will see something different… This floor is absolutely ideal for the creative people among us who are looking for a life of adventure. The Pharos floor gives an accessible feeling to your home and has a varied character. At the same time the floor is very stylish and fits in gracious, tasteful interiors.

One of the most famous cities of all times is undoubtedly Sparta. The Spartans were strong and powerful folk. Their life philosophy was “strong together” and they protected their own community. This way of life demanded enormous levels of will power and discipline. The Sparta floor is the perfect match and is most suitable for homes with a trustworthy and solid personality. The grey in the floor reflects the Spartan’s proud, tough and masculine nature.

The Myra floor is Sparta’s female counterpart, and was developed at the same time. This floor, however, is more gentle and natural, just like the city it is named after. The city of Myra is an old Greek city in what is now called Turkey. The city was abandoned after flooding and earthquakes. Situated by the river Myros, it was a fertile area, with plenty of trees, vines and flowers. This sense of variety is also evident in the floor. You will discover hints of pink, brown and orange. It is the ultimate floor for those who love nature and are looking for an elegant and refined floor.

Gaylor Vantieghem's picture

Gaylor Vantieghem

Gaylor Vantieghem combines plenty of knowledge about wood with a flair for design. Add to that his management skills and you’ve met Z-Parket’s CEO. Gaylor: “I have experience working in the wood trade and in the interior business. At Z-Parket I can reunite my love of wood with my passion for design. Besides that my core values are authenticity, a love of nature and getting together with nice people.”