Latest edition of Domotex again a resounding success for Z-Parket

For Z-Parket, every year the run-up to the Domotex trade show is a period in which we pull out all the stops in order to define on the one hand how we can demonstrate to current and potential dealers the quality and innovativeness that we always provide, and on the other hand how we can further optimise the cooperation with our ambassadors. This year once again it was abundantly clear that these efforts are valued. Despite the stagnation in the number of visitors to the Domotex trade show, we were still able to attract even greater interest than in previous years, and this from highly diverse corners of the world.

Preparations for the most recent edition of the Domotex trade show were even busier than in previous years for Z-Parket, if that is possible. Not only did we work extremely hard on the completely new stand, but we also spent the necessary time on finding the right peripheral activities and entertainment. We can look back with pride on the results.

New Z-Parket concept opens the door to an even more intensive collaboration

Naturally Domotex meant a lot more to Z-Parket than just a new stand, free Z-iPad cases and happy hours. It was also the "trial by fire" for our totally new and innovative concept with regard to collaboration with our dealers. After all, at Z-Parket we are deeply convinced that - with even more extensive support - together with our dealers we can carry out even better projects and think up even better concepts, which will again exceed the expectations of your customers.

This results in a completely new presentation and collaboration with the customer, namely the Z-Studio.

With the Z-Studio concept, as a distributor we are looking to offer a whole lot more than just a few samples of our high quality products. For this reason, we are offering every dealer the chance to - in partnership with our experienced architect - create a true Z-Store, fully tailored to your own needs and the possibilities offered by your showroom. The result is a package that is formed by a splendid floor, wall and ceiling and that is enriched by stylish furniture and the appropriate lighting. It goes without saying that product samples are not lacking, but the setting in which you can demonstrate this to your customers helps to create a clearer picture of what the Z-Parket products -even when applied on a small scale - can achieve with a space. Z-Collections create a unique emotion and atmosphere in every interior and the best way to get to know them is to experience this yourself, isn't it?

Z-parket Z-Studio

In addition, as a dealer you can use the Z-moodboard app to your heart's content in order to create a clear visual display of the concept you have in mind for his or her interior and subsequently you can of course give it to him or her. In this way, they will have a lasting and appealing image of your creative solutions.

Do you think that this collaboration concept does not go far enough? We agree! For this reason, we are going into a lot more depth in our support and we are for example investing 1% of our Joint

turnover in Google AdWords campaigns by region and by dealer. This means you will also be guaranteed high quality support online. Lastly, we are facilitating your show participations by providing a floor, wall and cupboard for your show stand.

As good contacts with architects are essential, we are not only organising joint events for them, but we are also happy to visit them along with you up to 6 times a year.

Or perhaps you will like the idea of high quality training courses, each forming part of the unique Z-Parket experience programme and which offer you the opportunity to achieve the "Certified Z-Advisor" label, which will give increased visibility to your expertise.

This brand new concept was launched in June 2015. Go check it out!

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Gaylor Vantieghem

Gaylor Vantieghem combines plenty of knowledge about wood with a flair for design. Add to that his management skills and you’ve met Z-Parket’s CEO. Gaylor: “I have experience working in the wood trade and in the interior business. At Z-Parket I can reunite my love of wood with my passion for design. Besides that my core values are authenticity, a love of nature and getting together with nice people.”