Natural Z-Parket

Who Are We ?

Ever since its establishment in 2004 the story of the Belgian company Z-Parket is characterized by its natural touch. This is not only true for the way it develops new products, but also for its organizational structures and social characteristics. It’s these initial values that today make our company a true pioneer when it comes to trends, never losing sight of the perfect, timeless interior. Innovation and creativity are the very foundations of our growth.

But Z-Parket goes even farther as our values are also easily distinguished when looking at our love for nature as a whole and more particularly wood. This is exactly why we don’t color wood by simply applying pigmented surface treatments but by treating it rigorously, thoroughly and patiently, creating a natural reaction within the wood itself. This is done in a way that allows for the wood to release its true natural characteristics.

Towards our customers, our values are of course not only translated into a sustainable entrepreneurship, in which the care for nature is always clearly visible, we also make sure to offer a vast diversity. This is true for every single aspect, from colors and measurement, to the choice of finish, sorting and aging: customize your feeling.

All this results in an interior decoration that, in an organic way, evolves into a personal story, turning every house into a home.

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Roel Geraerts

Born in 2004 from the dreams of its founder Roel Geraerts, Z-Parket today has become a story of success and strict values. Starting out as a 2 persons business, the company now employs over 20 people. Nevertheless the love of nature, beauty and sustainability remain the top priorities.