Four new timeless colours

This spring Z-Parket is launching four new and timeless colours, each with their own personality. As always Z-Parket has named them after modern or ancient cities.

Through Z-Parket² we lift our organic vision to the next level

To put our corporate vision into practice even more, Z-Parket is launching a brand new product in the form of the Z², X² en M² series.

These series will be available within all the existing collections and will give our customers and partners with the possibility to, together with Z-Parket, make a small ecological and social effort. This initiative, however small it may appear to our customers, will have an enormous positive impact.

Z-parket² Forest Replantation

Z-Parket collections

Through our collections, each with its very own characteristics, Z-Parket offers the perfect Z-flooring for every style of home interior. On top of that, our unique “Customize your feeling” experience allows our customers to fully tune the chosen flooring to his or her own preferences. This results in an organic process leading to an interior that really makes the customer feel at home.


Customize your feeling

A high standard parquet flooring is something that will be part of a home interior for many years to come. For us at Z-Parket this means there must always be a match between the customer and the flooring of his or her choice. To achieve just this we like to offer our customers the possibility of creating the parquet flooring of their dreams, aided by our team of experts. That is what our “Customize you feeling” approach stands for.