Through Z-Parket² we lift our organic vision to the next level

To put our corporate vision into practice even more, Z-Parket is launching a brand new product in the form of the Z², X² en M² series.

These series will be available within all the existing collections and will give our customers and partners with the possibility to, together with Z-Parket, make a small ecological and social effort. This initiative, however small it may appear to our customers, will have an enormous positive impact.

Z-parket² Desertification

It goes without saying that it will still be the customer who will have the choice between the traditional Z, X and M collections or participation in this social and durable initiative.

OZG participation

Ondernemers Zonder Grenzen (OZG) commits itself to the replantation of forests in order to make a real difference when it comes to global ecology and social order. As opposed to other durable initiatives OZG doesn’t limit itself to the replantation of cut down trees, but is committed to stopping desertification and restoring ecosystems in wastelands such as the Sahel. On top of all this, these initiatives are including local inhabitants to such an extent they themselves will be able to restore their environment and keep it viable. This results in an significant reduction of CO2, the self-sufficiency of entire populations in places that no longer appeared viable and a revival of nature in these locations. The effectiveness of this approach quickly becomes clear when looking at the rediscovery of different species of animals and insects that were long thought to be extinct.

Z-parket²  Forests Replantation

Through our Z-Parket² program Z-Parket, its distributor and the customer each invest € 1,00 per square meter of installed parquet flooring. These € 3,00 equal the reforestation of no less than 6 trees. For only 100 m² this runs up to no less than 600 trees. Z-Parket offers the perfect opportunity for manufacturer, distributor and customer to unite and make an impressive effort in this important ecological and durable initiative.

Z-parket² OZG Participation

Since Z-Parket wishes to be 100% transparent towards all participating customers, regular updates are sent to Z² customers to inform them of the total amount of funds. Once the group purchase of trees is done, we will clearly indicate how many m² of forests we be replanted.

This means that every customer that chooses to pay € 1,00 extra per square meter of parquet that is purchased, will be receiving quite a lot in return:

  • Participation in an important ecological and social initiative  
  • High standards, beautiful parquet flooring
  • Flooring that meets all of the following European standards

Z-Parket² Product specifications

Through Z² Z-Parket is launching a broad, composite 3-layer parquet flooring, composed of FSC certified European Oak. The boards have a thickness of 14 mm, comprising a 3,5 mm top layer, and a width of 182 mm. The length of the boards can vary up to a maximum of 2200 mm. This composite parquet flooring can be provided in every Z, X and X color.

Z-Parket² is available in 1-bis as well as rustic sorting.

  • European Oak 1bis is free of sapwood and can be obtained with with occasional small knots
  • European Oak rustic is a mixture of rustic A and rustic B wood, which is a beautiful sorting. The wood is also free of sapwood
  • This Z²-flooring allows for light, medium and heavy aging to be used
  • As for your Z² parquet flooring’s bevel is concerned, you can of course opt for a straight, a scraped, a V as well as a U bevel

All Z² parquet floorings are CE, FSC and DIBt certified. On top of that every Z² customer has the possibility to participate in the OZG-initiative, thus contributing to projects for ecological and social improvement.

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Roel Geraerts

Born in 2004 from the dreams of its founder Roel Geraerts, Z-Parket today has become a story of success and strict values. Starting out as a 2 persons business, the company now employs over 20 people. Nevertheless the love of nature, beauty and sustainability remain the top priorities.