Z-Parket collections

Through our collections, each with its very own characteristics, Z-Parket offers the perfect Z-flooring for every style of home interior. On top of that, our unique “Customize your feeling” experience allows our customers to fully tune the chosen flooring to his or her own preferences. This results in an organic process leading to an interior that really makes the customer feel at home.


A brief overview of the different Z-Parket collections:

The M-collection: Through our M-collection we allow you to choose a Z-creation based on the more classical 2-layer surface treatment with pigmented colouring.

The Z-collection: This is the starting point of our natural approach. Through different, even up to 6 consecutive, manual and artisan in-depth treatments we create a very distinguishing and penetrating result. Named after some of the most famous cities of the world, the trendy colors feel like a journey to the most beautiful places these cities have to offer.

The X-collection: Of the different Z-Parket collections, the X-collection is without a doubt the most intens organic experience. Each of these classical parquet floorings are a credit to the famous Greek cities they were named after. No less than 12 to 15 in-depth treatments, spread out over a time span of 6 to 7 days, time after time provide a unique charisma and warmth, allowing every type of home interior to truly achieve its full potential.

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Roel Geraerts

Born in 2004 from the dreams of its founder Roel Geraerts, Z-Parket today has become a story of success and strict values. Starting out as a 2 persons business, the company now employs over 20 people. Nevertheless the love of nature, beauty and sustainability remain the top priorities.